Next up, Summer Tennis

Summer is just around the corner and keeping your kids active and happy is top-of-mind. Rec Tennis is serving up some fantastic Tennis camps and classes designed to meet families’ needs during the best season of the year. Whether you are looking for programs for your young athletes, or activities that will bring the whole family together, there’s something for everyone.

The following are tennis camp and class offerings that will keep your crew moving all summer long. And, if you sign up now, you’ll save time, stress and money!

Summer Tennis Camp

This camp will wear the kiddos out in the best of ways. They will learn all of the basic skills they need for a fun game of tennis in a non-competitive atmosphere. Friendships are sure to be forged as they engage in high-energy games that teach them about sportsmanship and community. Additionally, camp participants will enjoy music and prizes and engaging in camp activities. Expect the classic camp experience done Rec Tennis style. This camp is appropriate for kids ages 6-14. The sessions run for 10 weeks and last either 1.5, 4 or 8 hours in length. All equipment is provided.

summer tennis camp

Friends + Family Tennis

A family who plays together stays together…and makes new friends! Take your game night to the next level. Sure Monopoly is fun. But don’t get stuck sitting down. This program runs in the evenings so that everyone, including mom and dad, can participate. Families come together during each session to learn how to play tennis in a non-competitive setting. The approach is fun, friendly and engaging giving participants a chance to make connections and create new friendships. Each session runs for 1.5 hours. It’s appropriate for kids ages 6 and up. All of the equipment is provided.


Next Level Tennis

This class is designed for kids who are ready to take their game to the next level. All participants will get a solid introduction to match play with a variety of activities to improve their skills. Always working on sportsmanship, with a focus on fun, young players enjoy a small group setting with personalized instruction. Classes maintain a low student to coach ratio with 5 students to each instructor. This option is appropriate for kids ages 8 to 16 years of age. There are eight sessions that last one to two hours each.

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HIIT Tennis

Does your job keep you indoors all day long? Kids aren’t the only ones who need to stay active during the summer months. If you are tired of the treadmill or pounding out steps on the big box gym elliptical, sign up for HIIT Tennis. Get ready to rally! This program is designed to keep your moving so you can get a good workout in, while learning or perfecting your game. All skill levels benefit from participation and classes are appropriate for individuals ages 18 and up. Equipment is provided for classes that las an hour long.

With a variety of programs to choose from in an array of locations, Rec Tennis provides options that work for all families. Even better, they help minimize the impact on your family’s budget with affordable pricing and an option to receive a 15% discount if you sign up before April 30th. So, don’t wait. Fill your families warm weather months with lots of fun and the very best game.

Check out all our Summer activities and find what fits for you!