Our Mission.

We provide each participant the opportunity to learn tennis and life skills at their own rate in a fun, safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

safety first.

The safety of our RecTennis participants is always our number one priority. We background screen all of our employees and train each staff member on the safe supervision of children, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we do everything to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

access for all.

We believe in making tennis accessible to all by providing affordable class instruction, equipment, and venues. No one is turned away due to financial need. For Title I Schools, programs run as low as $1 per session. For all other programs, individual and family scholarships are available.

Fun = Our Secret to learn tennis.

We teach tennis basics through a game-based play format with music and prizes. In other words: RecTennis is (a lot of) fun. That’s the most important thing, no matter your skill level.

made possible by partners.

Our 300 community partnerships, spanning public parks, parks and rec departments, and other community outlets, provide the space. RecTennis provides the rest: USTA-approved tennis activities, educational curricula that meets state and federal standards, and free equipment.

Our curriculum to learn tennis.

Athletic Development

Base Skills — Each practice session will devote time for athletic development because better athletes make better tennis players. Activities performed in our warm-up deliberately improve agility, balance, coordination, and speed the ABCs.

Skill Development

Tennis Skills  Each session will provide many opportunities to develop rally skills. Our goal is to work on measurable skills that will allow your child the opportunity to rally and play tennis. They will develop skills necessary to be able to enjoy tennis for a lifetime.

Games & Activities

Reinforcement — Each practice will include games and activities where children can play and reinforce the skills that have been introduced and practiced. These games are fun and help apply the skills your child is learning.

Character Development

Mental & Off-the-Court Skills — Character development is an important part of every session. Our program will teach and recognize effort over outcome and reinforce fair play, cooperation, teamwork, and adapting in a safe and supportive environment.

Take Home

Play for life Children are encouraged to practice their new skills at home. Practicing simple skills with balls and racquets outside of their organized practice time improves and solidifies their tennis skills. Each practice will conclude with a few take-home activities that can be done individually or with friends or family.

Interested in learning more about our curriculum?

Meet the team.

Mary Jo Kallgren

Senior Manager of RecTennis Delivery, Quality & Curricula - Southwest Portland, Beaverton

Hannah Plank

Regional Manager of Recreational Tennis - Central/Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho

Kati Renfro

Regional Manager of Recreational Tennis - Alaska

Lauren Skelly

Regional Manager of Recreational Tennis - Southwest Washington, Northeast Portland/Vancouver

Mike Smolskis

Regional Manager of Recreational Tennis - Northwest Washington

Hannah Poisson

Sr Site Director of Recreational Tennis - Southern Oregon

Find a program to learn tennis.

We serve up a variety of tennis programs for all ages and skill levels. They’re all affordable — and did we mention fun? Find the right one for you, your family and friends.

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Additional Waiver of Claims

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