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RecTennis is recognized as one of the best youth sports programs offered in the country.  Our programs are local, affordable and each coach has been trained to run classes that are active, well planned, and tailored to the social, mental and physical skill level of your child.


Our goal is to equip your child with the fundamentals so they can improve and enjoy the sport of tennis now and for the rest of their life.

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RecTennis mirrors the Athlete Development Model (ADM) outlined by the US Olympic Committee.  The model allows children to learn and develop at different rates so they can continue to enjoy tennis either recreationally or competitively for a lifetime.

During each program we use age and size appropriate balls, racquets and courts to build skills and confidence rapidly in a safe, encouraging environment.  We not only develop tennis skills but also motor and life skills. Learn about the five pillars of our RecTennis curriculum in our Parent Orientation below.

RecTennis Curriculum

curriculum author
Kirk Anderson

Kirk Anderson

Kirk is one of the foremost authorities in youth coaching. He served as the Department Director for Coach Education at the USTA for 20 years. Kirk is certified by the USTA and the Professional Tennis Registry and is one of 11 people in the world to hold the Master Professional classification from both teaching organizations. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University. Prior to joining the RecTennis coaching team, Kirk also developed six online Coach Youth Tennis courses and workshops for 10 and under coaches.