Learning tennis in the Tri-Cities has never been easier than with our RecTennis tennis programs. Choose from a variety of options for youth, teens, and adults of all ages. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced player that is more interested in tennis for fun than the competitive circuit, Tri-Cities tennis programs from RecTennis give you plenty of options.

summer tennis jamborees

You’re Invited: Summer Kick Off Jamboree!

June 10 – Howard Amon Park

Come try tennis, sample our summer programs, and enjoy a FREE day of fun for the whole fam!

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summer tennis camp (1 location)

friends + family tennis (1 location)

serve rally play (1 location)


summer tennis camp (1 location)

friends + family tennis (1 location)

Elece Fiocchi
community tennis organizer

Elece Fiocchi

"My favorite part about working for RecTennis is sharing tennis with in my community, in schools with after school programs and summer tennis in the parks."

RecTennis spotlight

it’s not about your skills

Here at RecTennis we celebrate the values and ideas other than winning a match. We focus on the minds of kindness and joyfulness. The purpose of RecTennis spotlight is to shine a light on players who fit these values, not always the ones who are amazing at playing tennis, but the ones who are amazing at having fun!


“Working here as a tennis instructor has inspired me to work with young kids in my future career.”


“This was our first experience with RecTennis and my daughter really enjoyed it. The summer camp counselors made her feel welcomed and had lots of fun activities.”

We are always adding programs. Please check back for more Tri Cities tennis lessons, after school programs and summer camps!

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