Learn tennis and get moving in Fairbanks, Alaska with our RecTennis programs. We offer a variety of options in Fairbanks for youth, teens, and adults of all ages. Whether you are a newbie looking to pick up skills or a more advanced player interested in picking up a racquet for fun with family and friends, you’ve met your match with RecTennis.

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Fairbanks Tennis Association Fairbanks Parks and Recreation

bringing people together with tennis

summer tennis camp (1 location)

Kids learn basic tennis skills in a non-competitive atmosphere, play high energy games and fun camp activities.

friends + family tennis (1 location)

The perfect unique activity for your next date night, family game night, or happy hour with your friends.
Dana Griffin
community tennis organizer

Dana Griffin

"What I love about tennis is it brings friends together... And it doesn't matter what age you are! I can play with my 11 year old son on the same court with an older person... Tennis is just about having a good time with friends."

Alaska in action

“I like teaching kids because they’ve been cooped up in a classroom for 7 hours and it’s super important to get them out and running and their energy up.”


“The coaches were AWESOME and made it a super fun experience!”

We are always adding programs. Please check back for more Fairbanks tennis lessons, after school programs and summer camps!


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