Learning tennis in Ashland, Oregon has never been easier than with our RecTennis tennis programs. Choose from a variety of options for youth, teens, and adults of all ages. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced player that is more interested in tennis for fun than the competitive circuit, Ashland tennis from RecTennis gives you plenty of options.

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summer tennis camp (1 location)

Kids learn basic tennis skills in a non-competitive atmosphere, play high energy games and fun camp activities.

friends + family tennis (1 location)

The perfect unique activity for your next date night, family game night, or happy hour with your friends.
Randy Webber
recreational program manager

Randy Webber

Ashland in action

“You get to play games all day, and you’re not playing tennis the whole entire time… you can go to the park and play and do some arts and crafts, so it’s a little bit of everything!”


“We have had a GREAT time with the family class – tonight will be our 8th. It’s been one of our favorite summer activities for sure.”

We are always adding programs. Please check back for Ashland tennis lessons, after school programs and summer camps!


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