Our Favorite Sporty Hairstyles + Accessories for On the Court

Long hair looks amazing when you are getting dressed up for a fun night out, but there’s nothing more annoying than strands of hair sticking to the sweat on your face when you’re on the court. Finding the right hairdo is a never-ending struggle for athletes. What works when you’re working out, doesn’t always fit your personal or professional style.

If you aren’t looking to cut your hair short and are in need of some sporty hairstyles that fit your versatile lifestyle or just need some accessories to help tame your mane when it’s time to rally, look no further. We’ve got some of the best “dos” and accessories for athletes below.

The Best Hairdos

hairstyles for working out


If you have long hair, you’ve got to keep it out of your face during your game. The classic ponytail is the standard go-to for most athletes, but if your hair is extra long, you may find yourself getting whipped in the face when you rally.

For players with extra long hair, a sleek, low ponytail is a great option. Tie your hair at the nape of your neck and use gel around the crown of your head to keep flyaway hairs out of your eyes.

Another great way to keep your pony in place if the hair falls way below your shoulders after you’ve secured it at the base of your skull is to create a bubbled look. Section it off with additional hairbands placed approximately a fist distance apart and from the end of the hair.

Pony-Braid Hybrid

Sometimes a straightforward hairdo doesn’t cut it. The pony-braid combo gives players with medium to long hair a variety of sporty hairstyles to try out.

The French braid ponytail consists of a series of French braids at the crown of your head that get pulled together into one high ponytail. This look keeps those pesky bangs and flyaways from getting in your eyes when you play.

Another popular option is the crown braid and pony, which has a similar effect. Braids along the temples or over the ears that gather into one ponytail are great for cuts with lots of layers. Braids can also be gathered into pigtails for a completely different and sassy look.


hair accessories for working out

Princess Leia turned the bun into a cult hairstyle for girls and women alike and make hitting the court in high heat more manageable. The trick with this hairstyle is making it secure so it doesn’t come loose in the middle of your game. Start with a braid that you twist into a bun. Then secure with bobby pins or a thick hair tie to keep it in place as you sprint back and forth.

Helpful Hair Accessories


They have a bad rep for being outdated. But these helpful hairpieces weren’t just cool in the 80’s, they’re totally in now. Ranging from small and strappy to thick, they’re perfect for keeping hair out of your eyes.

Spin Pins

If you want a quick way to secure your bun, then go get some spin pins. They’re quick and easy to use and make pulling a fast bun together simple. They also are useful for a range of sporty hairstyles. Just Google spin pins and you’ll have a new hairstyle to try out for each day of the week.

Hair Ties

Don’t buy just any hair tie to restrain your locks in a proper pony. Scunci offers a wide variety of no-slip grip options. Make sure your tie holds strong without ripping strands of hair. There’s nothing more distracting from a game than the discomfort of having your hair pulled.