Put Some Spring into Happy Hour: 5 Fun Ways to Get Out

During the colder and wetter winter months, it may seem like there’s no better way to warm up and shake off the workday than by grabbing a cold brew with […]

During the colder and wetter winter months, it may seem like there’s no better way to warm up and shake off the workday than by grabbing a cold brew with friends. However, now that spring has arrived, it’s time to put the “happy” back in happy hour. The Pacific Northwest is stunning this time of year and getting active after work or finding new ways to relax before the sun goes down is a great way to shed some stress and turn co-workers into genuine pals.

Plan one of the following activities for your next after-hours shenanigans!

1. Bike

Whether you like to hit the trails hard and sweat off tension with a little adrenaline release or you prefer to coast along and let it ride, biking after work with your buddies is a great way to celebrate the end of the workday. If you have a bike rack on your vehicle, you can bring your own rig to work, but if you don’t, there are plenty of places to rent. Portland’s Waterfront Bicycle has a variety of great options to choose from and they even offer bike tours you can book ahead of time. The Bike Hub in downtown Spokane is another great option for rentals, but if you don’t feel like going anywhere just hit their spin room!

2. Soak

If you aren’t quite up for activity after work hours, consider hitting a soaking pool. There are outdoor options like the pools at many of the McMenamins in both Oregon and Washington. These spots offer patrons the opportunity to soak, float and imbibe after work gets out. Another great place to hit the hot tub is at your local gym or community center. Go for a swim in the pool and then warm up and relax in the tub.

3. Hit the Court

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Packing your rackets with your work gear is easy enough. Head to a nearby park with a tennis court and enjoy some fresh air while working of the workday stress. Many outdoor courts are free and you’ll burn enough calories to justify stopping by the brewpub for that end-of-day drink before calling it a day.

4. Run

Whether you enjoy pounding the pavement or hitting the trail, there’s no better way to leave your worries behind than running. You and your crew can gear up and head out straight from the workplace or find a more serene nearby setting. Many city parks have beautiful scenic running trails like Green Lake in Seattle, Waterfront Park in Portland and Lithia Park in Ashland, OR.

5. Head to the Park

If you have a mixed group of happy hour goers with some who want to burn off energy and some who want to rest, head to the park with a basket full of snacks. Bring your racket, a basketball or running shoes and find a central location where you can prop up at a picnic table or lay out a blanket. Once everyone is done with their particular brand of after-work fun, have some bites together and chat until the sun goes down.


Happy hour should bring your work-crew joy (not just a warm-fuzzy buzz). There’s no better way to lift spirits than by catching those first spring rays, raising heart rates and socializing with good people. Mix up your after-work routine with some of these activities and you’ll kick that “life is all work and no play” frame of mind and be able to head back to work feeling refreshed.

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