Empower Your Little Girl: Women Tennis Players Who Inspire

So your little girl wants to be a professional tennis player. She’s been swinging the racket since she was strong enough to pick it up and now she’s dreaming big. Supporting your children’s goals is important, and in a world where boys and men dominate the sports and athletic arena, daughters need more encouragement than ever.

Tennis is the perfect activity for girls who like to get on the court for a little friendly competition. With success stories like Madison Keys and Sloane Stevens, your young player has plenty of heroes to look up to and aspire to be like. So when your daughter comes to you looking for inspiration, tell her about one of these successful women tennis players.

The Williams Sisters

women tennis players Williams sisters
Photo via Sports Illustrated


This duo is an inspiration to all little girls. Venus and Serena Williams are two phenomenal sisters who took the tennis world by storm collectively winning 12 Wimbledon singles titles between 2000 and 2016. They became the first two players, female or male, to play in four consecutive grand slam singles finals. When they won the 2001 Australian Open women’s doubles title they became the 5th pair to complete the Career Doubles Grand Slam and the only pair to complete the Career Doubles Golden Slam—all at the ages of 19 and 20.

Serena and Venus have tons of accomplishments you can share with your young tennis player. Make sure to mention that together they have three gold medals and have both been ranked as the World No. 1 in both singles and doubles by the Women’s Tennis Association. Most importantly, even though they have had to compete against each other their sisterly love persists. They attend each other’s matches and always show their support for one another.

Billie Jean King

women tennis players Billie Jean King
Photo via CNN


This incredible barrier breaker showed the world that women could hold their own in the game of tennis after she became the top-ranked women’s tennis player in 1967. She defeated Bobby Riggs, who took joy in flaunting his chauvinistic public persona, in the Battle of the Sexes proving that the idea that boys are better than girls is false. King went on to fight for equal prize money for women in tennis giving tennis-loving girls everywhere a reason to cheer!

Madison Keys

women tennis players madison keys
Photo via WTA


This young lady was a finalist in the US open this year. At the age of 14 she was one of the youngest tennis players to win a match on the WTA Tour—proving to little girls everywhere that they don’t have to wait until they grow up to be a tennis star! Keys has had a successful tennis career winning three WTA Premier tournaments and she became the first American woman since Serena Williams (almost 17 years ago) to debut in the Top 10. While Keys didn’t win the US open, we can expect to see more of her on the court in the future.

Sloane Stevens

women tennis players Sloane Stephens
Photo via Sloane Stephens


Stevens defeated Keys winning her first major at the 2017 US Open. This US player has won five singles titles total and became the lowest ranked player to ever win the women’s singles title. Besides the Williams sisters, she is the first American woman to win a Grand Slam since 2002.  This relatively new star is perfect for your young athlete to keep her eye on in the upcoming years.

In a world where male athletes have dominated the headlines and the attention of spectators everywhere for a very long time, tennis offers young girls an opportunity to dream big. With plenty of successful women tennis players to look up to, parents can ensure their daughters that setting your sights high and playing hard pays off.


(Top photo via AOL)