A Guide to a Day of Pet-Friendly Fun

National Puppy Day was on March 23rd, and chances are your social feed was filled with people taking selfies with their favorite pet. While it may seem like every day […]

National Puppy Day was on March 23rd, and chances are your social feed was filled with people taking selfies with their favorite pet. While it may seem like every day is puppy day (I mean who doesn’t love spending time with their best friend?), this highly Instagrammable holiday may have gotten you thinking about all of the different ways you can stay active and have some fun with your beloved pooch year round.













Leash up Fido, grab your backpack and get ready for an ideal day of adventure with your furriest family member. We have put together a guide for a day full of dog-friendly fun.

Kick your day off

After you and your best friend have filled your bellies with breakfast, head out the door to a local park with a bag full of tennis balls. The best way to have a successful day with your favorite dog is by letting him or her get all of their nervous energy out right off the bat…and there’s no better way to do that than by letting them run and play. There are a number of dog parks located throughout most city areas. Look up one that is close to you, grab your morning cup o’ Joe and go! Chances are, you will only throw the ball a couple of times before your dog makes a new friend and gives you an opportunity to take a rest.

Hit the beach

If you and your dog prefer more room to move and fewer friends around, head to a nearby beach. The Oregon coast is only slightly over an hour away from Portland and two to three hours from the Seattle area. From Seaside, OR to Long Beach, WA and beyond, there are plenty of quiet stretches of beach for long walks, runs or hours spent chasing after balls. If it takes more than a couple of hours to reach the sea, head to a nearby lake to find a stretch of running area (think Lake Coeur d’Alene, Id or Diamond Lake, Or). When all of your energy is gone you can grab a snack and relax while reclined on the sand and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Hit a brewery for lunch

There are an abundance of pup-lovin pubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. With spring taking hold of most cities, you are sure to find a couple that have dog-friendly outdoor seating areas and there are even some that let pets inside. If you are in Portland, check out Lucky Labrador Brewing Company. It has several locations throughout the city and offers traditional sandwiches, soups, and plenty of Lucky Lab craft bear. The Barking Dog Alehouse in Seattle has micro craft beers for you to sample while munching on Nachos or a Burger, and the Elk Public House in Spokane welcomes Fido with several dog-friendly tables and upscale grub including Salmon Cakes and Ravioli.

Go for a float

You’ve seen the pictures of dogs in paddleboards and dogs in boats. Take your partner for a float. After running all morning and gorging on great eats, there’s nothing more relaxing than a leisurely paddle down the river or on a lake. If you have a water dog, he or she might even jump in for an afternoon swim!

End the day with a soak

Ok, so a long hot soak in the bath after a busy day is relaxing for you. Your dog might not appreciate cleanliness like you do, but after running, playing and swimming all day a dog bath is in order. If you don’t want to destroy your bathroom trying to get your pup in and out of the tub, head to a local groomer. These professionals know how to wash your dog with love. You never know, it might even be a pleasant experience for your furry family member.

National Puppy Day may have given you an excuse to bond with your special animal companion, but don’t let the love stop there. Owning a dog can be incredibly fulfilling and even improve your mental and physical health. Make sure you set aside some time every day to fully appreciate your best friend.

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