How to Throw a Tennis-Themed Birthday Party

Does your young tennis player have a birthday coming up? What better way to celebrate than with a birthday theme based on their favorite sport? Turning your child’s celebration into a tennis extravaganza only takes a little creativity and a bit of time. If you’re short on ideas, no worries. We’ve put together a list of tennis-themed birthday party planning tips that are sure to make your kid’s day extra special.

7 Tips for Planning a Tennis-Themed Birthday Party

tennis birthday party favor. sunglasses

1. Party Favors

Theirs no better place to start when planning a tennis-themed birthday party, than with the party favors

Tennis party shades are always a hit, especially on sunny days or for parties that fall during the warmer months.

Other party favor ideas include tennis ball and racquet key chains and tennis balls turned into favors filled with gumballs.


2. Photo Booth/Station Supplies

Kids love getting those pics to post to their social networks. Set up a photo booth or station area with themed props for some extra fun. Head to this online shop where you’ll find cute tennis-themed signs with sayings like, “It’s a Love-Love Relationship,” (or make your own!) that kids can hold while you take snaps. You might just be surprised at how a few simple items can keep the fun rolling all night long.


3. Décor

Creating a tennis-themed birthday party requires sporty décor. These centerpieces are a perfect way to add flair to the birthday table. This tennis court table runner turns your seating space into a real game and nothing finishes a room off like matching tennis and racket plates, cups and banners.

4. Invitations

Make sure you set the mood for your tennis-themed birthday party long before the special day comes. Get cute invites and let the guests know the game is on the minute they step through your door.

5. Game on!

Party games keep the fun rolling for the birthday child and the guests. If you have a tennis court in your back yard, you are in luck! If not, consider a tennis piñata! This fun option keeps kids swinging at balls and ends with a whole bunch of sweet surprises. It’s sure to be a hit!

6. Snacks & Sips

Don’t let your theme fall short when it comes to filling hungry stomachs. From cake pops to cupcakes, and sheet cakes and more, there are tons of fun tennis-themed ideas out there. You can make your own treats at home or order them up from your local cake shop. It only takes a bit of colored frosting to turn a cupcake into a tennis ball. But a bit more is involved when it comes to your party drinks.For a fun drink option serve pink lemonade with melon balls to look like the US Open signature cocktail, (but without alcohol).

7. Party on a Court

If the weather is nice, consider taking your party favors and treats to a park that has a public tennis court. You can set up your decorations on a picnic table, and let the kids hit the court for hours on end. If the great outdoors isn’t an option, call some local clubs or park facilities with indoor courts and see what their policy is about reserving time for parties. There’s really no better location for this party theme, than one that includes the ability for guests really rally.

Putting together a themed party for your young tennis player doesn’t have to entail a whole lot of work. Using the ideas above, you are guaranteed an awesome birthday bash. Not coming up on a birthday soon? The US Open (Aug 26-Sep 8) would also be a great opportunity for a tennis themed party!


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