Tennis Games at Home

Keeping kids outside and active as often as possible is a parent’s top—and often toughest—priority. While awesome afterschool programs like RecTennis Afterschool Zone helps young athletes hone their skills and stay in motion after a long day in the classroom, there’s a need for continued activity at home. Parents may not have the ability to manage their children’s playtime every minute, but they can sure entice them into picking up the racquet a home by picking up few simple supplies and teaching their kiddos how to play some super fun tennis games on their own.

Before you set about teaching your kids tennis games for the back yard, you might want to pick up a couple of items. We suggest purchasing some foam balls, tennis rackets and a pop-up net like the CeleMoon Portable Foldable Tennis Net Set. Designed for tennis, pickleball, volleyball and soccer, this purchase pays of big overtime.

Once you have your supplies together, take some time to teach your kids the following fun tennis games. They are great for family time and playtime with peers. Best of all, they come straight from the RecTennis curriculum, so you know they are exactly what your kids need to stay happy, healthy and ready to rally.

12 Tennis Games for Your Backyard Fun

Whether your kid has some alone time after school and on the weekend, or enjoys the company of siblings and friends, there are plenty of simple and fun games to keep them busy. The following are games that they can play solo or with a friend.

Self rally

Using only forehands, have your child tap the ball with his/her racket up to about head level high, bounce and repeat without dropping it to the ground.

Flip flops

Similar to Self Rally, each player hits the ball up first on the forehand side then alternates to the backhand side of the racquet as many times as possible without dropping the ball. Continue hitting up to head level alternating between forehand and backhand.

Flip flops and up on the edge

Take Flip Flops to the next level by adding a cool move. The player hits the ball up continuously alternating between the forehand and backhand and side of the racquet.

Hopping on one foot while tapping (Try the following)

  • Player hops on one foot while keeping the ball bouncing up off the strings
  • Player hops on one foot while bouncing the ball down
  • Player hops on one foot while dribbling the ball down off the strings.

Circle around the body

The player bounces the ball down while standing in one place but the ball is bounced in a circle around the body.

Figure S’s around the legs

This game is similar to around the body but this time the player has to choke up on the racquet and dribble the ball in a figure 8 pattern around their legs.

Partner Games

Tunnel ball

Two players stand across from each other about four or five feet apart with one foam ball per pair. One player rolls the ball to her partner, who moves so the ball will roll through her legs without touching her feet.

Koosh ball pass

Use one Koosh ball or beanbag for each pair. The players begin by standing close together with their racquets, passing the Koosh ball back and forth from one racket to the other. After several successful trials, have them move back so they use a gentle toss to get the Koosh ball from one racquet to the other. You can increase the challenge by tossing the ball low, high or by adding a creative catch.

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Lobster trap

Players stand eight to 10 feet apart with one player holding two racquets, one in each hand. The other player has one ball. The player with the ball makes an easy underhand toss and the player with the racquets (the lobster) catches the ball after the bounce by trapping it between both racquets. After trapping the ball, the player drops it and hits it back.

Half-pound lobster trap

One player has a racquet, the other player has a ball. The player tosses the ball underhand to the other player who traps the ball on her strings with her hand only after one bounce.

Serve and trap

Players are positioned four steps away from a rope or net. One player hits a serve with a foam ball. The other player moves and traps the ball on the racquet with her hand and then serves the ball back.

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Toss, hit and catch

Players are eight to 10 feet apart. One player tosses a ball underhand so it bounces once, and the other player hits the ball with a forehand groundstroke back to the first player who must catch it and toss it again. The goal is to see how many times the team can toss, hit and catch without missing.

All these games can be played at home, but also as part of the RecTennis curriculum your child could play them during Tennis Afterschool Zone as well! Find a TAZ program near you to register today.