My Child Has Taken Summer Camp, Now What?

Summer was a blast! You got quality time with the kids camping, road-tripping and enjoying vacations to new and interesting destinations. In between exciting getaways and long, leisurely weekends, your kids tried their hands at a new sport: tennis. Their time in Rec Tennis Summer Camps paid off, and now they are ready to rally. School starts soon and that marks the beginning of the search for after school activities. So, what’s next?child laughing tennis court

Just because your kids have to hit the books from morning to afternoon, five days a week, doesn’t mean they have to give up their favorite new activity. Rec Tennis offers Tennis Afterschool Zone. This after school program is held in local schools, typically taking place in the gymnasium or outside (varies by location). The good news is, all of the equipment for the program is provided. Your kiddos don’t have to tote rackets and balls around along with their books.

Tennis Afterschool Zone is designed to teach, and continue building on, the basics of tennis your young athletes learned during the summer season. But don’t worry, lessons are more play than work. Kids need to have fun after a full day of learning classroom-style. school gym after schoolInstructors teach through fun games and activities students will look forward to participating in at the end of each day.

Some of the skills your kids will build and bring home during their time in Rec Tennis’s Afterschool Zone include:
  1. rallying
  2. scoring
  3. teamwork
  4. sportsmanship
  5. leadership,
  6. important life skills.

The curriculum helps develop motor skills that are important for young, developing bodies. Additionally, students will learn strategies involving movement and performance along with the importance of living a healthy and active life.

school gym. safe play


The Benefits of an After School Program

So why enroll your kids in an afterschool program? There are many benefits students enjoy as a result of participating in the Rec Tennis Afterschool Zone. The following are just a few.

A Safe place to play: While young athletes learn during their time in Tennis Afterschool Zone, their primary responsibility is to play (they won’t even know how much they are learning!). Tennis Afterschool Zone gives your kiddos a safe place to play while you are at work, eliminating your worries over where and what they are doing.


Builds social skills: kids are guaranteed to make new friends while enrolled in the Rec Tennis Afterschool Zone.

kids friendship. after school play

More importantly, the curriculum is designed to help them learn important social skills that help them build healthy and lasting connections with eachother. With sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills as a focus, your students can’t help but come home feeling more confident in themselves and excited about their growing community.

Keeps kids active: Classroom time is largely sedentary. Movement is especially important for the youth of today. After a long day at school, the Tennis Afterschool Zone program keeps your kids active so they can burn off all of their extra energy before heading home to do homework.

Kid with tennis racket. Having Fun after school

Encourages positive behaviors: Instilling positive behaviors in the youth of today is important. Some of the things your kiddos will learn and do include cheering on other kids as they learn to play, volunteering to pick up balls on the court and having a good attitude even when someone else wins.

Builds confidence in social and athletic abilities: a lot of kids shy away from physical activities, especially sports, because they are afraid they won’t be good at them. Tennis Afterschool Zone helps instill the confidence your children need to be part of a team!

Sense of belonging: The Tennis Afterschool Zone gives kids a place where they feel like they fit in. Instructors foster an atmosphere that is conducive to giving children a sense of belonging in a fun, fitness-oriented community.

Taz is now open for registration at a school near you! Learn more and locate a program here.after school tennis love