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RecTennis brings family and friends together and gets them moving in a fun, casual atmosphere. Find out why kids, parents and adults love our programs below!

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“I think everyone should play tennis because it can help them exercise and can help them with their balance and control. It can help you stay in shape and it’s really fun to play!”

Seattle, WA | Tennis Afterschool Zone


“When we first started we were all at different skill levels, but it didn’t really matter because there’s different activities, so it was fun for all of us. Plus we just get to hangout together which is really fun.” Kyla Boucher | Spokane, WA | Friends + Family Tennis

Spokane, WA | Friends + Family Tennis


“I like tennis because you get to run around and try and hit the balls. It helps you practice targeting which you need in other sports… We have tennis courts right near our house, so we like to go play tennis as a team and as a family.”

Spokane, WA | Summer Camp


“The thing I really like about tennis is the satisfaction when you hit the ball with your tennis racket… it’s just awesome. I also really like the coach he’s cool and nice.”

Seattle, WA | Tennis Afterschool Zone


“We like playing as a family because it brings us together, not just at home, not just for schoolwork, not just for family dinner time… actually working out together, being healthy together… staying fit… just enjoying having time outside in the fresh air.”

Anchorage, AK | Friends + Family Tennis


“Tennis is fun and you get to learn a lot of cool stuff! Backhands are my favorite thing I’ve learned.”

Spokane, WA | Summer Camp


“I’ve been doing RecTennis for two years. It gets me outside and active, and helps my skills. The instructors are very nice and knowledgeable.”

Ashland, OR | Summer Camp


“It makes me feel so good to do this. I haven’t played since high school and I mostly did it for the kids, but it’s turning out to be really fun for the adults too.” – | Seattle, WA, Family Friendly Tennis

Seattle, WA | Friends + Family Tennis

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