Halloween Costumes for the Tennis Lovers in Your Life

Halloween is right around the corner and your kiddos are likely already all a-buzz with costume ideas. While dressing up for a day of candy and fun is something most families look forward to, there’s a good chance that between now and the 31st of October, your little monsters are going to change their minds about what they want to be three or four more times, and you’ll be left looking up last-minute ideas for that perfect Halloween getup.

Don’t put a damper on your young athlete’s fun. Let them flip and flop through who or what they want to be. We’ve put together some last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you to pull out in an emergency. Not to ruin the surprise, but these ideas involve different aspects of your favorite sport! Read on for some first place, or fallback, ideas for your child’s (or your) perfect Halloween outfit.

5 Ideas for Tennis-Themed Halloween Costumes

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Tennis Ball

Big or small, asking for candy while dressed up like a tennis ball is sure to make a lasting impression. This costume is particularly cute on babes, but absolutely hilarious when worn by older kids and adults. You can buy a premade costume on Amazon for $60 or less. Or, create your own using an over-sized yellow hoodie or shirt and using white paint to create those recognizable tennis ball lines.

Tennis Tots

Dressing toddlers and preschoolers up as professional tennis players is sure to get a laugh at every stop. Key items to include are sweatbands for their forehead and wrists, a white tennis skirt and/or shorts, a small racquet; and consider throwing in a wig, mustache or funny glasses for some extra flair.

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Recreate Your Favorite Player

Tennis has had its fair share of standout players, each with their own unique look. Head back to the ‘80s with a John McEnroe getup. As with most of your family’s favorite tennis stars, a wig, a couple of accessories and a recognizable tennis outfit are all you need to transform into a famous athlete. You might be surprised by the number of costumes you can find online that specific to each player


Look, dressing up as a tennis player is cute and cool, but ask any tween or teen and they’ll tell you Halloween fun is all about the scares. Turn your young athlete into the walking dead with a little fake blood, some white and black makeup, and a broken racquet or a bloody ball. If you have an old racquet you don’t use anymore, cut the strings so you can fit it over your child’s head. Cut a tennis ball in half and use costume makeup putty to attach it to your kids’ head. Add a dash of red around the edge for a little extra gore. Before you know it, your little tennis player will be mistaken for the walking dead.

Tennis Trophy

Win big with this costume. Paint an old tennis outfit (and gear, including racquet and ball) gold. Then purchase gold makeup and hairspray and turn your kid into a tennis trophy! They’ll love striking a pose for their favorite treat.

Halloween fever kicks on the first of October. Your kids may toggle through a variety of costume ideas, but when it comes down to decision-making time, outfits that allow them to show off their favorite sport are likely to be a hit. Keep these Halloween costume ideas in your back pocket. They are easy and affordable to make and are likely to thrill both kids and adults alike.