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Learning tennis has never been more fun than with our Coeur d’Alene summer camp and family tennis lessons. Choose from a variety of options for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced player that is more interested in playing tennis for fun, RecTennis’ Coeur d’Alene tennis programs give you plenty of options.

bringing people together with tennis
There are currently no events available in coeur d’alene.
AnnElise Anderson
recreational tennis organizer

AnnElise Anderson

"My favorite thing about being a Recreational Tennis Organizer is being out in the field and being involved in community tennis."

RecTennis spotlight

it’s not about your skills

Here at RecTennis we celebrate the values and ideas other than winning a match. We focus on the minds of kindness and joyfulness. The purpose of RecTennis spotlight is to shine a light on players who fit these values, not always the ones who are amazing at playing tennis, but the ones who are amazing at having fun!


“I like Crazy Tennis because you have to be running and have teamwork. Cones is also an intense game with strategy. Space Invaders is just really fun!”


“I was actually online on the Parks & Rec website looking for fun family activities we could in the summertime… we thought that sounds really fun and it was really affordable for all four of us to play together.”

We are always adding programs. Please check back for more Coeur d'Alene after school programs and tennis lessons!


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