Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is only a handful of days away. Have you bought your costume yet? If you aren’t one of those people who plans and makes outfits a year in advance, you are probably starting to panic. Fortunately, there is still just enough time to pull a last-minute spooky getup together before the witches and ghosts fill the streets.

The following are costume ideas that only take a day to put together:

Star Athlete

Go with what you know and love best. Do you have a favorite sports icon? Grab your baseball, football or tennis garb; head to the costume shop for a wig and you are ready to say trick-or-treat! Everyone loves a star athlete.

Harry Potter

You can pull off any of the Harry Potter characters easily and without breaking the bank. A white button-up shirt, round glasses, a stick for a wand and a striped scarf will do it. Dress up a bit more by adding a black cape. You can find one in almost every costume store.

Princess Leia

She’s the most popular princess in the universe and it only takes a white top and pants, and some buns to be her for a day. If you have long hair, you are in luck! If you don’t, finding a wig should be quick and easy.

Photo via Buggy and Buddy

Han Solo

Where would Leia be without Han? If you live in the Pacific Northwest, chances are you’ve got everything you need for this costume in your closet. Grab a pair of jeans, black knee-high boots, a white shirt and a black puffy vest and you are good to go. This is one of those costumes that can be worn year-round.


Put on an eye patch, bandana, striped shirt and some boots and the give your scariest, “Arrrgh!” It’s likely that you have most of this outfit in your home already, but you can grab an eye patch at most shops that carry Halloween supplies up to the last minute.

Bank Robber

Turns out a striped shirt is one of the most useful pieces of clothing in your wardrobe during the Halloween season. Pair it with black pants, a black ski cap and an eye mask and you look just like a thief: simple, cheap and fun.

Bear, Bunny & Cat

Any animal with ears is pretty simple to pull off. Grab your fluffiest sweater and head to the costume shop for a pair of ears. If you have a makeup pencil in your home, draw on some whiskers for a next-level look. If you are looking for some new jammies, head to the store where animal onesies are all the rage! You might even be able to skip the ears if your new night gear comes with a hood.

Little Red

If you have a picnic basket, then transforming yourself into the young caped crusader doesn’t take much. Red hooded capes can be found in most stores carrying Halloween gear. Throw it over a dress or black pants and a shirt and fill your basket with food for Granny and you’re ready to go. Put some big fluffy ears on your best friend and bring them along to complete the fairytale effect.


We hope that these costume ideas can help you come up with an awesome look thats quick and easy! If you’re looking for some tennis inspired costumes, check out our post here.