5 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Fall

The first day of fall is almost here! Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It also comes with a ton of perks including relief from the heat, pumpkin spice everything and the excitement that accompanies the impending holidays. Looking for a clever way to celebrate the first day of one of the most magical seasons of the year? We’ve got you covered. Try one of our autumnal ideas below.

Hit the trails

There’s no better way to see the colors of the season than on foot while out in nature. If you live in the Seattle or Portland areas, head to Mt. Rainier where the trailheads and opportunities to spot wildlife are endless.  Go for a stroll on the Reflection Lakes trail where you will enjoy colorful fall grasses covered in fallen leaves. Grove of the Patriarchs is perfect for all ages and abilities and takes you through giant Western Cedars and Douglas firs. Both of these hikes leave you in awe of the affect the season has on the mountain.

Make the most of the courts

When winter hits it’s likely you’ll have to head indoors to hit the courts. Grab your family members, friends, and tennis partners and head to the nearest park’s court for some fun. There’s nothing like playing a good game in the crisp autumn air. Pack snacks or a meal and enjoy a picnic as the sun sets. Don’t forget to pack the hot chocolate and a couple of blankets. The temps tend to drop fast when the sun goes down in the Pacific Northwest this time of year.

tennis courts

Jump in a boat

Canoe, kayak or take a whole day to SUP around a nearby lake. There’s nothing quite like the reflection of colorful leaves off of the glassy water surface. If you live in the Spokane area, head to Lake Coeur d’Alene or Lake Roosevelt for an afternoon of paddling or even fishing. Pack a thermos filled with soup, warm tea or coffee, and enjoy the sounds of the geese flying south as you cut through the peaceful water in your craft. If you don’t like fishing, bring your camera and capture the magic of the changing season.

Treat yourself!

Ignore those negative social media posts complaining about “pumpkin spice everything”. Head to your local coffee shop or bakery and buy your favorite pumpkin flavored treat. Some of the best things in life only come around seasonally and pumpkin flavored drinks, dishes and baked goods will be off the shelves shortly after they arrive in the store. For healthy ways to satisfy your pumpkin spice obsession, check out our blog post here. Also be sure to keep your eye out for eggnog. It will be coming to your favorite store soon too!

Enjoy some retail therapy

Head to the stores and buy a cozy sweater, or a scarf or hat! There’s no better excuse for a quick shopping excursion than the approach of brisk, or even downright cold temps. Do you have a hat and gloves to go with your cold weather gear? Nothing warms the heart like an updated seasonal wardrobe.

fall outfit