5 Ways to Succeed at your New Years Resolutions

We are just over half way through January 2019. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?

Every year, people start the New Year on a high note with big plans and goals for the incoming year. All too often, those inspirations fall by the wayside as the days, weeks and months pass by. If you’ve found yourself slipping when it comes to your 2019 resolutions, don’t lose hope. There’s still plenty of time to make good on your promises to yourself, and we have put together some tips and tricks that will help.

The following are 5 tips for finding New Years Resolution success in 2019!

Avoid the all or nothing trap

LA-based personal trainer Tayler Larson says all or nothing resolutions rarely lead to “all”. She explains, “Perfection doesn’t exist, so when push comes to shove and our only choices are all or nothing…nothing wins.” Take a second look at your resolutions. Are they flexible enough to be realistic? If you’ve set a goal to play tennis every day after work or school, consider changing it up a little and set a goal to play between three to five days a week instead. The second resolution is far more realistic than the first.

two girls playing tennis about to high five

Pursue growth, development, and change

The successes of many New Year’s resolutions require drastic transformations to occur. While the idea might be fun, (who doesn’t want to dream big?), it’s unrealistic. Reconsider your resolutions if they depend on you magically becoming a new person overnight. For instance, if you have dessert every day, and you resolved to give up all sugars for the entire year, you might want to rethink your goal. Instead, make it your goal to slowly reduce your refined sugar intake over the course of the year while learning why you have the craving you do, and how you can satiate it with healthy foods. This resolution allows you to develop new, sustainable habits over a longer period of time.

Partner up!

Resolutions are always more fun to pursue when you have a friend helping you stay accountable. If you’ve committed to taking something on like the 52 hike challenge, or you are training up for your first 5k, find a friend to join you. Train together and take turns keeping each other on task. You are far more likely to stay motivated if you have someone to show up for.

two girls hiking with blue sky and mountains

Forgive yourself & try again

Sometimes life happens and you stray from your path to your goals. It’s ok. If you’ve gone a week without getting that tennis game in, or you fall behind on your schedule for training for a run, you’ve got time to turn things around. Don’t give up! Forgive yourself and get back to it.

Make room for adjustments

As the year progresses you may find that the resolution you initially made needs to be adjusted to fit your current circumstance. If, for instance, you are training for that 5k and you sprain your ankle, you may need to alter your goal and choose a different activity like biking. Make room for life to happen. Stay aware of your real underlying aspirations. While you signed up to run a 5k, your real goal is becoming healthier and fit. There are plenty of ways to ultimately achieve this success. Don’t be stubborn. Be willing to change things up if necessary.

If you’re still having trouble or need more advice, look here for additional tips and tricks!