5 Reasons Why Tennis is Great for Families

As the saying goes, “A family that plays together stays together.” While this may be true, there’s something extra special about a family that plays tennis together. If your clan is looking for a way to spend more quality time together, and you have quite decided what to do yet, then perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at our favorite sport.


The following are 5 reasons why tennis is great for families.


1. Keeps you active

With the lure of the large number of digital devices that tend to be in most households these days, keeping your family active is increasingly difficult. Your kids might get excited about family game night around the Xbox, but groan at the mention of a family hike. Tennis is a game that every member of your family can get excited about. It’s engaging, easy to get started playing, and it can keep your family moving for hours.

According to Kids Health, school-age children should get one or more hours of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. Tennis is perfect for that. So grab some rackets and tennis balls and head to the court.

Mom and small children having fun and laughing outside. playing tennis.


2. It’s affordable

While spending time with the family is fun, getting everyone involved in the same hobby can be spendy. Activities like skiing, snowboarding and biking all demand a large sum of cash to get started. Fortunately, you can get everyone in your family equipped to play tennis for a tiny fraction of what many other sports cost. The price of a rackets start as low as $10, and you can get a couple of tennis balls for around one dollar. Even better yet, many parks have courts your family can use for free!


3. Tennis teaches teamwork

Siblings are notorious for bickering about the silliest of things. Tennis teaches them both teamwork (when playing doubles) and good sportsmanship. Nothing feels better than beating the parents at almost any game. Play kids against adults and see your children work together better than they ever have! And let’s be honest, it might help mom and dad learn a thing or two about being a good teammate on and off of the court.


4. It provides year-round fun

So many sports, hobbies and activities are seasonal. Just when you are getting into the swing of enjoying the slopes, the weather warms. This means finding an additional warm-weather activity that everyone in your family enjoys doing together. Sure, variety is the spice of life, but see reason #2).

There are indoor and outdoor tennis courts available for year-round fun with the family. This makes it so much easier for families to establish a routine that they can stick to—and a solid routine is the key to success when attempting to keep your family engaged and active.


5. The saying is right

A family that plays together does stay together. Tennis gives your family something to do together that is guaranteed to include laughter, good conversation and lessons in cooperation and appreciation.

As children mature and become more independent, it’s easy for family members to drift apart from one and other. Between the call of the digital world and the lure of autonomy, the motivation to hang out with mom and dad is diminished. Tennis gives kids and adults alike a reason to get excited about coming together. It’s fun. It’s affordable. So what are you waiting for? And if you need a little help getting started, RecTennis has some great programs that will help launch your new family fun time activity.