5 Fun Things to do with Mom

Mother’s Day may be long gone, but making time for mom shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Make sure to set aside an hour or an afternoon each week dedicated to having some fun with that special woman in your life who brings home the bacon, cleans the house, plays chauffeur and makes sure the homework gets done on time. Check out these fun things to do with mom that will bring a smile to her face while helping her stay active and healthy.

Roller Skate

roller skating seattle fun things to do with mom
Photo via Seattle’s Child

If it has been years since mom laced up a pair of skates and hit the roller rink, now is the time to take her. This low-cost activity is exhilarating and perfect for building muscle strength and improving balance. An hour’s worth of skating can burn a surprising 300-600 calories, and mom will likely know the words to every song that is played on the roller rink sound system. If she falls in love with the activity, buy her her own set of skates and turn the sidewalks into your neighborhood into your own skate park.


bike riding family activities Pacific Northwest

If mom loves biking, then your only challenge is making sure that she gets the time to go with you every week. Most cities have biking paths to explore, but if you want to give your mother an extra special experience, head out of town a little way and hit the dirt trails. Take her to bike the Snohomish County Centennial Trail or hit the Snoqualmie Valley Trail for extra adventure.

Head to the Pool

swimming family activities Pacific Northwest

For an activity that guarantees a good workout and lots of laughs, head to the pool. Make sure mom gets some time to swim laps and then coax her into the free swim area for some family fun time. If she loves the water, looking into the different water exercise classes in your area and sign up for one together! Swimming burns between 400 to 700 calories an hour, so you can feel good about grabbing a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone on your way home.

Hike It!

fun things to do with mom hiking Pacific Northwest

Find hiking trails in your area and get out and explore. While hiking burns tons of calories, it also gives mom an opportunity to get some fresh air and reconnect with nature. Many trails lead to scenic lookouts or other points of interest that are breathtaking or educational. Put together a list of “bucket” hikes in your area and set a goal to do them all with mom before Mother’s Day rolls around again next year. If you live in the Portland area, check out Trail of Ten Falls Loop! Full of spectacular sites and majestic falls, it’s sure to keep mom invested in strapping on her hiking boots and spending quality time with you.

Hit the Court

tennis family activities Pacific Northwest

Tennis is a no-brainer when it comes to planning fun things to do with mom. Indoor and outdoor courts are abundant, so you can play year-round.

A regular game of tennis will keep mom in shape and is an activity the whole family can participate in. Invite dad or your closest, family friends and play doubles. Along with keeping mom fit, playing tennis regularly will increase her balance, dexterity, muscle tone and flexibility, and bone density!


Moms work hard to keep their families happy and healthy all year long. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day next year to show her how much it means to you. Planning regular active outings and family activities that promote bonding, demonstrate that you recognize everything mom does for you and appreciate her.